natural, pleasant, efficient!


Optimum Heat Insulation

Excellent u-value and generally outstanding thermal attributes are ensured thanks to the combination of the very environmentally favourable wood-concrete qualities and the integrated polystyrene insulation.

Warm and Dry Walls:
Wood-concrete's very good u-value ("warm wooden casing") and the optimum humidity absorption guarantees excellent room climate and comfort.

Free of Thermal Bridges:
The range of ISO SPAN products offers a homogeneous and complete wall construction system which can be laid without the use of mortar (No mortar joints).

The unique composition of the heat insulating qualities of ISO SPAN hollow wood-concrete block means a reduction in heating costs not only in respect to the u-value. The additional passive use of solar energy and subjective comfort is also an important energy saving factor (room climate)

Integrated Heat Insulation:
With the ISO SPAN wood-concrete clock their is no need for additional/subsequent insulation measures. Neither adhesive nor binding materials are required.


Optimum Vapour Diffusion

Dry walls throughout the year (comfort and cosiness) thanks to continual humidity extraction to the outside (via diffusion-friendly, uninterrupted wood-concrete elements).

Dry Walls Throughout the Year:
Constant, condense-free transportation of interior humidity to the outside via the wide, uninterrupted wood-concrete elements.

Minimum Moisture Accumulation:
Generally excellent moisture absorption and diffusion qualities due to the open-pored structure of wood-concrete (water absorption 0,7 kg/m², water diffusion 2,1 kg/m2 – per hour).

Shorter Drying Period:
This means: a building can be moved into sooner and ensures problem-free wall conditions even when the building is exposed to excessive rain.


Optimum Heat Accumulation

Optimally regulated room climate in seasonal and daytime - night time rhythms. In addition efficient passive solar energy use due to the accumalatory qualities of the concrete core is achieved.

Room Climate-Optimilasation:
Peak temperatures, on hot afternoons for example are reduced. The rooms are substantially more pleasant to live in, the thermal energy stored in the concrete core is emitted during the cooler evening and night hours.

Winter: Solar Energy Utilization:
Free solar energy is accumulated in the concrete core during the day and released into the rooms with a time delay in the afternoon/evening. (Positive energy-flow)

Wall Surface Temperatures:
Throughout the entire year your walls have the optimum temperature this means that an energetically advantageous relationship between the air temperature in the middle of the room and the wall surfaces is achieved. (comfort)


Optimum Acoustic Insulation

Due to the considerable total weight of the wall (concrete structure) all blocks, regardless of their size, have excellent acoustic insulation properties.

Very High Concrete Wall Weight:
The heavier the wall, the better the acoustic insulation properties. Due to the concrete core the light ISO SPAN blocks have a higher than average wall weight and achieve, even with thinner wall constructions, excellent acoustic insulation.

The concrete core is also responsible for isospan´s high load-carrying capacity. By reducing the stress caused by noise a pleasant living atmosphere is created.